Letter: Vote for values

To the Editor,
After due consideration, I endorse Jason L. Mehler for Rye City Council.  Mr. Mehler is an articulate, sincere, former 18-year auditor and tax manager who turned to other ventures to spend more time with his family…and that is values, something that is so absent from city government today. 

Do you think, had he been on the City Council when outside auditors raised red flags about Rye Golf Club, the RGC situation would have exacerbated as it did? Nope!

Mr. Mehler is an involved Rye resident—no, he doesn’t control the local newspaper or buy his way into positions of influence—who devotes time to the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and the Rye Recreation Commission. A graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh with a degree in accounting, he is married to Carin L. Mehler, a fourth grade teacher at Osborn School, and has two daughters, Emily, 11, and Rachel, 8. A vote for Jason L. Mehler on Nov. 5 is a vote for values.  Starting on Jan. 1, 2014, values will win and I hope the whole City of Rye listens.

Patrick Stephen Lamont,