Village adopts budget, taxes up 2.5%


Village officials have adopted the upcoming year’s budget, which calls for property tax and spending increases for the upcoming fiscal year.

Adopted unanimously, the Village of Mamaroneck’s budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year includes a tax rate increase of 2.5 percent, a spending increase of $857,688 and a tax levy increase of 2.3 percent, which comes in above the state mandated tax levy cap limit of 1.48 percent.

The rate increase will equate to a $106 increase in village homeowners’ taxes, according to Village Manager Richard Slingerland, who cited the budget maintained quality of village services as a key aspect of this year’s budget.

“[The budget continues] our ongoing capital program to address capital asset and local government office and facility issues around the village,” Slingerland said.

MamkbudgetfactsSlingerland said that the village hopes to complete the update to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and construction of the Jefferson Avenue Bridge in the upcoming year. Other projects include a $40,000 parking analysis to look at the uses of existing parking for additional revenue and a $30,000 space needs study to look at the village’s needs for expansion and consolidation of office space. Both studies are funded through prior commitments or funds from last year.

The total budget for the village will be $33.5 million and, broken down, comes to $23 million from levied taxes and nearly $10 million for from revenues and $560,000 from appropriated funds from last year.

Last year’s budget was adopted at $32.6 million. The village operates its budget on a fiscal calendar which begins on May 31 each year.

The only budgetary change in terms of spending from the March tentative budget came with some of the village’s salaries: a $23,000 increase for the clerk-treasurer salary, a $1,200 increase in village justice salaries and an $8,000 increase in beach seasonal labor costs accounted for the $31,000 increase from the tentative budget. No changes to revenues were made.

A 60 percent Board of Trustees majority vote was required to override the cap.

In 2011, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed legislation mandating that all local communities must abide by a tax levy increase limit determined by a state formula for each. Levy increases in the village’s budget have lessened over the past few fiscal years, with the 2014-2015 budget featuring the smallest increase in four years.

“We want to continue the good services and programs the village provides, and continue the long-term review planning for projects and improvements around the village,” Slingerland said. “We want to keep the Mamaroneck community a top-notch village with a high quality of life for all our residents.”