Uncontested town Democrats re-elected


Town of Mamaroneck Democratic Town Council members Jaine Elkind Eney, right, and Ernest Odierna, along with Democratic Supervisor Nancy Seligson, were re-elected to the council in Tuesday’s uncontested election. None of the candidates are newcomers to the political sphere; Odierna has been involved in politics for more than 50 years. File photos

Democratic Town of Mamaroneck Supervisor Nancy Seligson and Town Council members Ernest Odierna and Jaine Elkind Eney were re-elected in Tuesday’s uncontested election.

According to unofficial numbers provided by the county Board of Elections, Elkind Eney gathered 3,330 votes, Odierna took 3,147 votes and Seligson received 3,743 votes in the uncontested election with 86 percent of the 55 districts reporting.

Town Republicans decided to sit another election cycle out; Seligson has never faced opposition in her 13 years as an elected official in Mamaroneck. Odierna ran in a contested election once in 2001 after being appointed to the board in 1999.

Seligson took the reins as supervisor in January 2012 after Republican Valerie O’Keefe, the town’s longtime supervisor, decided in 2011 she would not seek another term in office. O’Keefe was the only Republican on the board at the time. Currently, there are no Republicans on the Town Council.

Elkind Eney, who was previously a trustee in Larchmont, was first appointed to the Mamaroneck Town Council in January 2012 to fill the open seat vacated by Seligson when she was elected as supervisor. Elkind Eney then ran in a special election in November 2012 and sailed to victory against Republican challenger Jay Rubin.

As they reclaim their seats as elected officials, Seligson and Elkind Eney said they will be focused on the town budget and improving environmental sustainability.

Though Seligson and Elkind Eney are no strangers to politics, Odierna has been involved in local and national political campaigns for more then 50 years.

Odierna, 76, worked for John F. Kennedy’s political campaign in 1960 as well as for U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel, a Democrat, when Engel first ran for a seat on the state Senate in the late 1980s.

A native of the Bronx, Odierna moved to Larchmont in 1986 and brought his political expertise with him.

“I attended town board meetings for 10 years before I ran for council,” Odierna said. “[Politics] are not new for me; I’ve always enjoyed it.”

When O’Keefe became town supervisor in 1999, Odierna was appointed to the council to finish out her unexpired term.

Odierna could only theorize as to the dearth of Republican challengers in the unincorporated town.
“It’s possible the other party wanted to focus on the county executive and county legislator races,” he said.

Approving a street safety plan, improving recreation for residents of all ages and working towards cohesive plans for affordable housing in relation to the Department of Housing and Urban Development settlement with the county will be Odierna’s top priorities throughout his next term.

On the Town Council, Odierna is the liaison for the Zoning Board of Appeals, but remains active in the community as the chairman of the Larchmont Rotary Club, a member of the Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce and a regular attendee of Larchmont-Mamaroneck League of Women Voters events.

Before he retired in 2012, Odierna was the president of an electronics reseller company that worked with financial institutions in the New York metropolitan area. He has two children; Lisa, 48, and Steven, 45, along with three grandchildren who attend Mamaroneck schools.

Town of Mamaroneck council members, including the supervisor, are elected to two-year terms.
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