Harrison Blotter

Town of Harrison Police Blotter 4-18-14

Collected at the Harrison Police Station on Friday, April 11, at noon.

March 28

A Pelham man was pulled over by police near Westchester Avenue at 10 a.m. because his vehicle had one operating brake light. After handing his license to the officer, the officer noticed a translucent envelop that often contains heroin in the vehicle. The vehicle operator was placed into custody, claiming the substance in the envelope was Adderall for personal use. He was placed under arrest, and a test conducted at the Harrison Police Station confirmed the substance to be heroin.


March 30

Police pulled over and arrested a Dorchester, Mass., man for switching lanes without a turn signal and found his driving privileges in New York were suspended because of 20 different suspensions and failure to pay fines.


April 1

A Harrison man was pulled over by police near Westchester Avenue and Kenilworth Road at around 6 p.m. after two officers noticed a noisy muffler. A distinct odor of raw marijuana came from the vehicle when the man was asked for a license, and the man was placed under arrest after handing over a bag of marijuana and a smoking bowl.


April 2

Police responded to a possible suspicious person report at around 3 p.m. at the Harrison train station near Heineman Place. A Southberry, Conn., man appeared to be under the influence and was asked for identification and if he consumed any substances. The man said he consumed his prescribed Adderall and allowed police to search his bag. Officers found prescribed Xanax and marijuana on the individual.


April 3

A White Plains man was swaying and using a fence at Ma Riis Park as support to avoid falling over at around 6 p.m. At the park, located on the corner of Harrison Avenue and Heineman Place, the man loosened a portion of cement rock from a post and picked it up, causing parents and children at the park to disperse from the area.

An off-duty officer in the region instructed the man to put the rock on the ground and asked him for identification and if he needed medical assistance. The man said he was a heroin addict and hadn’t used the drug in two days, and that he was killing time before the bus came. He was placed under arrest and found to have heroin located on his body and another, as yet unidentified substance.


April 4

Police observed a vehicle traveling on Halstead Avenue with a rear brake light broken at around 2 p.m. After pulling over the New Rochelle man and running his identification, officers found his license and registration with the state had been suspended. They arrested him and impounded his vehicle.


April 5

A White Plains woman was pulled over at around 5 p.m. near Park Avenue with a defective brake light and a check of her identification revealed her driving privileges in New York had been suspended.


April 5

At around 8 p.m. on Lake Street in West Harrison, a White Plains man was operating a vehicle with an obstructed view. After his license was checked, it was found his privileges had been suspended in New York, and he was arrested and transported to headquarters.


April 5

Police attempted to pull over a man for disobeying a stop sign near Harrison Boulevard at around 11 p.m. when the vehicle operator failed to initially stop. After stopping, the man provided his identification to the officer, who said the man’s eyes looked blood-shot and glazed.


After the driver admitted he had a few drinks when the officer detected an odor of alcohol, he was assisted in opening his driver side door because he was unable to do it himself. Indicating that he was unable to perform sobriety tests and leaning on his vehicle for support, the man was arrested and taken to headquarters where a breathalyzer test revealed a blood alcoholic content level of 0.14.