Town Democrats to run unopposed


Democrats, Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson, left, and Councilwoman Jaine Elkind Eney will be running unopposed in the 2013 November election. For Seligson, she is yet to face an opponent while in town office. File photos

Mamaroneck Town Super­visor Nancy Seligson and Councilwoman Jaine Elkind Eney, both Democrats, will run uncontested in this year’s election, as Republicans choose to sit another cycle out.

In her 13 years as an elected official in Mamaroneck, Seligson has never faced opposition.

Having joined the Town Board back in 2000, first as a trustee, the supervisor said she isn’t surprised that she is running unopposed again and that the Republican Party doesn’t seem to have enough people who are interested in running. Currently, all five seats on the Town Board are occupied by Democrats.

“I jokingly say that it’s either because I’m doing such a good job that no one feels the need to oppose me or it’s such a lousy job that no one wants it,” Seligson said. “It’s also a very large commitment.”

Seligson took over as supervisor in Jan. 2012 after Republican Valerie O’Keefe, the town’s longtime supervisor, decided in 2011 that she would not seek another term in office. O’Keefe was the lone Republican on the board at the time.

Any Republican nowadays is at a decided disadvantage in the town’s political sphere facing registration numbers favoring Democrats by nearly two-to-one. According to data provided by the Westchester County Board of Elections, there are 8,572 registered Democrats in the Town of Mamaroneck compared to 4,411 Republicans.

Town Republican Party Chair­man Don Derrico said that party leaders were unable to find candidates interested in running for office this year.

Seligson, who has spent her professional career in advocacy work for Long Island Sound and with the county Board of Health, said that she will strive to continue to make the village more environmentally sustainable. Since she has been supervisor, the Town Board has passed no idling laws for automobiles and now requires homeowners to certify that their sewer lines are not connected to stormwater pipes in order to continue the town’s environmental sensitivity.

“As supervisor, my interests are in making the town more sustainable by reducing energy and cost and saving money and reducing our carbon footprint,’ she said.

Elkind Eney was appointed to the Town Board in January 2012 to fill the open seat vacated by Seligson upon being elected supervisor. Elkind Eney, who was previously a trustee in Larchmont, finished out Seligson’s unexpired term and ran for re-election in November 2012 against Republican candidate Jay Rubin. Elkind Eney cruised to victory collecting more than double the votes of her opponent.

Elkind Eney said running uncontested is nice because it gives her more time to focus on doing work that needs to be done for the town. However, she does also enjoy the community input that comes from running against an opponent as well. “When you have a contested election, the voters focus on the issues and you feel there is more participation,” she said.

The councilwoman said that the board recently passed important laws including a zoning amendment that allows for residential development in the Boston Post Road area. She said her colleagues  are constantly focusing on the town’s budget as well. “We’re keeping taxes as low as possible and keeping services in tact,” Elkind Eney said.

On the Town Board, Elkind Eney serves as board liaison to recreation, the Board of Architectural Review, Board of Assessment Review and the Town of Mamaroneck Library. She is a real estate property attorney with an office in Larchmont.

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