Letter: Summerfield: Too big, should fail


To the Editor,
How big is too big for Eastchester? Summerfield Gardens proposal.

A senior housing rental development for the Town of Eastchester is being proposed for Dunwoodie and Montgomery streets. The North Eastchester Civic Association is asking questions that are relevant for the whole town about the future direction in which the town is proceeding.

A senior housing law was passed by the town board in 2009. Why would the Planning Board, Zoning Board, or town board entertain this application with so many variances being sought just a few years later? Why proceed with variances that are not minor but rather are 100 percent or greater than what the codes allow?

For example, density code allows 46 units and the requested variance is 92 units or 100 percent impact; building coverage of lot code is 35 percent of area and requested variance is 84 or 142 percent impact; maximum building height code is four stories and variance is five, or 25 percent impact; maximum building height 45 feet, requested is 64.9 feet, or 44 percent impact.

Shouldn’t the boards comply with the law that was enacted and passed by the then supervisor and council members?

The law states that 15 percent minimum must be offered as affordable housing. The law also states that, if the units can’t be rented to seniors, they may be rented to virtually anyone. Will this add to the crowding of our schools and increase our taxes yet again?

The problem is not the law, but failure of our town boards to comply with the law.


Charles Galanek,
Vice president,
North Eastchester Civic Association