Rye Golf Club Commission candidates

AKHILName: Akhil Kumar
Status: Challenger
Age: 33
Place of residence: Rye
Years as member of Rye Golf Club: 5 years
Family: Wife, Kristin
Occupation: Investment advisor at ING Financial Partners; partner at ARCH Global Advisors
community involvement: N/A
Why are you running?
I am running as I think the commission needs a younger, more energetic face, and hopefully I am able to add some new, creative ideas that will help improve our club.
Do you support the new governance proposal for the club?  
I think the golf club should be run independently by the members of the club with little to no involvement from City Council.

LEONName: Leon Sculti
Status: Challenger
Age: 45
Place of residence: Rye
Years as member of Rye Golf Club: 6 years or so
Family: Yes
Occupation: Owner/Operator of Sculti Properties (real estate brokerage) and EllyOwen Advertising
Community involvement: Little league and soccer coach, proprietor of LausDeo10580.com
Why are you running?
I am running because I believe it is time that somebody fight for the members of Rye Golf Club. I believe its time to pushback and refuse to be steamrolled by dishonest, arrogant or incompetent city employees, mayors and/or City Council members. I believe the City of Rye owes Rye Golf Club many hundreds of thousands of dollars, which the council themselves demonstrated were approved of–and stolen by–city employees. If you believe City Hall is an immovable object–or that a long, hard, battle to free Rye Golf Club from a destructive government apparatus isn’t a worthy cause, I’m not your guy. If you believe in yourself and in your fellow man, and if you know in your heart that together good people can achieve great things, then you are the reason I am running.
Do you support the new governance proposal for the club?
I do not support the lame-duck mayor, who wants to hand pick three members to the Rye Golf Club Commission and who has proven to be the most unethical mayor in the history of this great city. This mayor has done enough damage to Rye Golf Club in concert with the most incompetent city manager the city has ever seen, Scott Pickup. Neither is a friend of Rye Golf Club.

BOBName: Bob DiMaggio
Status: Challenger
Age: 56
Place of residence: Rye
Years as member of Rye Golf Club: Since 1981
Family: Single
Occupation: Painting contractor
Community involvement: Member of Business Networking International and lector at local parish
Why are you running?
I’d like to feel I know enough about the golf course and facilities that I can lend some insight and stability. I just think it would be a good opportunity to maybe bring some stability to what is going on at the club.
Do you support the new governance proposal for the club?
A separate audit idea, I think is a good one to have additional levels of checks and balances. I am not in favor of having a mayor appoint extra people to the commission.
We’re really looking to become more self-governing; obviously we need the city, but to me, there were just too many oversights and we need to have a better control of what goes on over there.

ANGELAName: Angela Sposato
Status: Commissioner
Age: 49
Place of residence: Harrison
Years as member of Rye Golf Club: Roughly 40 years
Family: None
Occupation: Human resources executive
Community involvement: I have been a leader in my professional career for over 15 years; I am the representative for the Women’s Management Golf Association.
Why are you running?
To be a voice for the members and to continue to improve what a great place the club is.
Do you support the new governance proposal for the club?
The proposal for the club is an attempt to cover up the lack of responsibility and ownership by the city manager and the mayor in the mismanagement of the general manager. In my opinion the proposal is an attempt to blame the commission for what happened during the 10 years of fraud conducted by the ex-general manager. Lastly, it’s a bad idea to impose these changes under the current administration and should be reconsidered after all the elections are complete.

MACKName: Mack Cunningham
Status: Challenger
Age: 57
Place of residence: Rye
Years as member of Rye Golf Club: 10 years. I took two years off and rejoined this year.
Family: Wife Linda, two sons, Christopher and Gavin, who are avid golfers.
Occupation: Chief operating officer for a school in White Plains.
community involvement: Former Rye City councilman, former member of Rye Recreation Commission, Rye Youth Lacrosse Board and the Rye YMCA Board of Trustees.
Why are you running?
I believe that the golf club is a major city asset that has been mishandled and I believe I can add my experience at the local level and in my professional life as far as the club’s future.
Do you support the new governance proposal for the club?
The mayor’s governance proposal is the wrong proposal, diluting club member voting power with the appointment of (3) voting non-members.

BARRY2Name: Barry McGowan
Status: Challenger
I believe the Rye Golf Club is a fantastic club that offers members great facilities in a wonderful setting. But I also believe that it can be managed a bit better, particularly with regard to promoting membership in the club, as well as events.
I have been a member of private clubs both in Rye and abroad and every year travel to other countries to play golf at different clubs. I think this gives me some perspective on what might be possible at Rye Golf Club.
My profession is real estate investment, which I do primarily on behalf of international pensions and insurance companies. As a result I also have experience with managing and negotiating all forms of contracts, leases and operating agreements, as well as audits.
I love Rye Golf Club and believe I can bring a number of relevant skills and experiences to the table.
This is McGowan’s club candidate profile. He did not respond to our inquiries for information.

JOHNName: John Duffy
Status: Commissioner
I’ve been a member for 17 years. I’ve been the chair of the Rye Golf Club Commission since November 2012. After confronting our former manager in June of 2012 about his conflict of interest, I’ve been fighting for transparency and proper oversight. We have made progress in many areas, but some fundamental structural changes need to be implemented.
I don’t support the mayor’s wish to appoint commissioners.  This is the same mayor that wished to add $95,000 to Rye Golf Club contribution to the general fund in 2010.  This way they could balance the city budget with no tax increase. They also didn’t act strongly when presented with the audit results of 2009 that showed the oversight deficiencies. Government needs to be run with checks and balances, not a government based on trust.