Poetic License: Special Edition

poeticThe following poems were sent to the Mamaroneck Review by a reader in the belief their publication would make the author’s holiday season bright. They are presented in that spirit.

Silver Song and White Clouds

By Jon Billet

A tune falls down from the sky into my golden tea cup.

I drink this heavenly prayer.

It sings a psalm that whisper in my ear.

I listen to the divine song all night long.

I can hear it while I sleep in dream.

The rest of the world can hear it too.

The sun filters a ray that wakens us to a new day.

It lives a life of love.

In cumulus clouds scattered about in lazy skies above.


Suite T’s

By Jon Billet and Molly Dudette

Starlit skies under mountainous highs in the Australian outback.

I grabbed a constellation of stars.

Watch the glass shine in the sun.

The kangaroos hop and the koalas dance to a new beat.

Shuffle tired feet in one hundred sixteen-degree desert heat.

Drive your car as far as The Oasis Bar.

The crossing in the desert is a melting black tar.

A helium balloon circles the red moon in the desert’s hot noon.

I reach for the moon and pull it into my room.

Meteor showers stream to cover my face in my final resting place.

One thought on “Poetic License: Special Edition

  1. Jonathan Billet

    Dear Mamaroneck Review,
    It’s always a pleasure for a struggling writer as myself to be quoted, especially in print form. Thank the submitter for reflecting on my poetry and writing it in. It did a good job of boasting my low self-esteem. At this point in the holiday tradition I would like to thank the world for the many precious gifts it has bestowed upon me. My true holiday wish is that the world could be as fortunate as I am this holiday season. I pray that the world eat in warmth and lights on cold winter night nights it may face forever.

    The 2 Authors- Jonathan Billet and Andrea Plate

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