Man jumps from moving train at Harrison station

In a move unclear to authorities, a man jumped from a moving Metro-North train on Nov. 15, landing near the Harrison station and sustaining life-threatening injuries.

The train, en route to Grand Central Terminal on the New Haven line, was due to skip the Harrison station as it was an express. According to MTA officials, the man used an emergency door release to open a train car door and jump from the moving train.

Authorities provided no further information on the individual other than that he was a male, as of press time.

According to the MTA, the train was almost immediately able to be cleared and moved along with very minor delays.

“There were no residual delays as a result,” Meredith Daniels, an MTA spokesperson said. “They were able to clear the train and move along, and the delays were insignificant.”

Harrison EMS services arrived on the scene to provide first responder assistance and take the man to Westchester Hospital, according to Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marracini.

As of Sunday, the man remained in critical, yet stable condition. No further updates were availble at press time.
-Reporting by Phil Nobile