Library’s friends work toward childrens refurb


Fundraising efforts are underway to renovate the children’s room at the Eastchester Public Library. File Photo

The Eastchester Library’s Children’s Room hasn’t been updated since the 60’s, but a library fundraising club is working to change that.

“The ceiling had stains, the carpeting is a mess. The lighting is still fluorescent. We decided that we really want to spice up this room, Tracy Wright, the library director, said. “The children’s room has not had a major renovation since it opened in 1967,”

With help from donations solicited by the Friends of the Eastchester Library, the library has steadily raised funds for the renovation.

The fluorescent lighting will be replaced with LED lighting, which produces a whiter light and is more energy-efficient. The library will purchase a new kid-friendly librarian’s desk, too.

The library held a fair on Sept. 21, which included games, entertainment, raffles, pet contests and more. The proceeds will go toward the children’s room renovation.

Wright already has a few program plans for the new room.

“We want to have an early literacy program,” she said. The program would be an addition to the current literacy program for older children.

“We have all these kids having the time of their lives and learning at the same time,”
she said.

In addition to fundraising efforts by the Friends of the Library, the town has pitched in with some capital funds, according to Wright. After the fair, the Friends of the Library will hold a wine and cheese event for the adults on Sept. 27, after press time.

“The more money they make, the further back in the room we’ll renovate,” Wright said

The fundraising goal is $50,000.

“We’ve done pretty well,” Wright said.

The director added that many of the children, who would be the main beneficiaries of a revitalized children’s room, have taken up their own little fundraising projects.

“The community has been very supportive and very generous,” Wright said.

– Reporting by GERARD NOLAN