Letter: What happened to America?

To the Editor,
I was watching a show on the History Channel about the 10 most important documents in U.S. history. I was in awe of these critical documents such as The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Emancipation Proclamation, etc. It occurred to me that our forefathers were courageous people who all fought for the common good of the people of this great nation. As I watched it also occurred to me, what happened to the U.S.? It seems we no longer do what is right for the people of America; we do what is right for the political party we belong to.

George Washington warned us against a two-party political system. He must have been foreseeing the future. For quite a while now the politics have not been American politics, it has become Democrat or Republican politics. We no longer have a government that is concerned with the common good of the nation. We have a government in which, when someone gets elected, they spend time in office campaigning for the next election. They do not vote on or introduce legislation that is good for the country; they do what is right for the Democrats or Republicans and in the meantime we have an economy in recession, civil rights disappearing and many people wondering who is representing me?

We need to stop this insanity and get back to what made this country great and have politicians that what to work for the common good. We need to tell our representatives to stop voting Republican or Democrat and start voting the way our forefathers did to bring this country back to where it is. We are one of the strongest militaries and the wealthiest countries in the world and yet we have homeless in our streets and families going hungry simply because our politicians are too involved in blaming each other and not voting for legislation because it was introduced by the other party.

George Washington was truly a great leader, but I think we should try to prove him wrong and show him that a two-party system can work if both parties set aside party affiliations and work for a common cause America.

Pat Angarano,