Letter: Walsh strikes back

To the Editor,

Odd, isn’t it, that Frank Allegretti took it upon himself to rant against me? He was not a candidate, nor is he a member of the town board. He is the town attorney, a Republican appointment certainly, but not appointed as spokesman for anyone.

However, I want to thank him for quoting my comment that “taxes will keep going up, money will keep being spent, and people will keep moving out of town.” A look at the statistics in the town budget, as well as the real estate reports on house sales, will show the truth of my words.

As to the margin of victory by the Belmont team, yes, the margin was substantial, but it can’t be called a resounding message when, with more than 15,000 voters registered in Harrison, only about one-third actually voted. That count substantiates Mrs. Pritchard’s comment that “people don’t really know what’s happening and maybe, judging by the vote, most people don’t care about local elections.”

The Republicans, indeed Republicans throughout the county, did a better job of getting out their vote than we did here in Harrison.

To address the obvious ill will of Mr. Allegretti, it dates back to when I first became mayor in 2008. Traditionally, the mayor appoints the town attorney in order to have trusted confidants for various discussions. I sought such people. It wasn’t personal, just practical. However, I was told by the Republican majority that, no, this time the attorneys from the previous administration would stay.

It shortly became apparent Mr. Allegretti did not hold that his first loyalty should be to the office of the mayor, no matter who currently held it. He was well aware, because I told him so, that if I had the power, if I was part of the majority on the board, he would be terminated.

With regard to political signs, yes, people win elections, but if political signs and ads and commercials don’t help to win elections, then why do all candidates spend their money on them? My team placed about 200 lawn signs and five billboards. Would Mr. Allegretti care to share with us how many each member of the Belmont team put up?

As a last comment, with the exceptions of Al Sulla and John Passidomo, most Harrison mayors have been voted out after two terms. An exception was Mr. Malfitano. The Democrats did not oppose him for his second term, but did so for his third bid, which he lost to me.

I offer Mr. Belmont every good wish for his second term.


Joan B. Walsh,

Former Harrison mayor