Letter: Vote for people, not parties

To the Editor,
I am voting for Peter Jovanovich, independent for mayor, Democrat Meg Cameron and Republicans Julie Killian and Terry McCartney for City Council this year.

Why? As a long-time resident, my instinct has always told me to seek out candidates, regardless of party affiliation, in local elections who believe in the social contract that candidates are elected to serve the public trust and not to satisfy personal ambition or seek individual enrichment.

Unfortunately, we have all seen over the last years a general coarsening of the public dialogue here in Rye. Whether in City Council meetings or in our community-based media, it seems that confrontation is valued over finding consensus. Affixing blame is prioritized at the expense of working together to resolve issues and find solutions. Consequently, our trust in them to do what is right suffers at the hands of individual ambition.

I believe it is now so important that we the voters of Rye try our best to return our city to a higher standard for public service and support candidates that can lead Rye without the bonds of petty politics and hidden agendas. There should be no place in our city for party politics or influence at the council level or on our volunteer commissions or advisory committees.

While I understand and appreciate the effort all of the candidates are making, I believe that Peter, Julie, Terry and Meg possess the temperament and experience to rise above partisan motives and can build consensus to find solutions to the challenges facing our wonderful city. That is why I will be voting for them on Nov. 5.

Peggy Pierce Peters,