Letter: Vote for good government

To the Editor, 

Our community is in desperate need of good government. Westchester County is the highest property tax county in the nation. New York State ranks dead last as a place to do business and leads the nation in people fleeing our state.

Over the course of the last four years, there is one public official who has fought valiantly for the people of Westchester and that public official is Rob Astorino.

The key to good government is outlining your plan of government when you campaign and then delivering on that plan once you are in office. Astorino campaigned on 15 good government pledges ranging from reducing his own staff, to getting county employees to contribute more towards their healthcare costs to holding the line on taxes. County Executive Astorino has made good on 14 of his 15 promises.

More importantly, County Executive Astorino has provided real leadership in dealing in a sensitive way with needed cuts to government; in an intelligent way to stemming financial losses coming from Playland; and in fighting federal government overreach with the potential to destroy over 300 years of home rule.

The last thing Westchester County residents need is public officials that award themselves lifetime benefits and outsized pay increases.

Vote for continued good government, vote for Rob Astorino for county executive.


Joe Carvin,

Rye Town supervisor