Letter: Villagers support Murphy’s experience

To the Editor,
We had the privilege of working with Tom Murphy during the difficult and divisive months that followed the enactment by the Mamaroneck Village Board of Trustees of an ordinance that prohibited day laborers from seeking work in Columbus Park and during the ensuing lawsuit in federal court. The ordinance was enacted in an irregular manner‑it was not on the board’s agenda and there was no public discussion.

Tom cast the only dissenting vote.
With courage and at considerable political risk, Tom stood alone for transparency, integrity and fairness in the political process. Tom took a principled stand against bigotry and for the equal treatment of all village residents.

During the course of the ensuing lawsuit, Tom worked intelligently and tirelessly to reach a resolution that was consistent with his principles while minimizing the costs to the village. Tom always did his homework; he studied the issues and had a full understanding of the consequences of the resolution of the lawsuit.

Based upon the foregoing, we are confident that Tom will bring the same qualities of integrity, transparency and fairness to his work as a County Legislator.

John Gitlitz and Doreen Kushel,