Letter: Vietnam: A victim of the west

To the Editor,

May 2014 marked the 60th anniversary of the French defeat at Den Bien Puh in Vietnam. The Vietnamese had been controlled by Japan, and, after their defeat in WWII, Western imperialism reared its ugly head when France, along with the support of the U.S. and western allies, tried to make Vietnam a so-called protectorate. The Viet Minh, under Ho Chi Minh, were pursuing a policy of self-determination and rejected this invariable part of western so-called civilization, which led to a virtual colonization of Africa, Asia and Latin America for the past five centuries.

A nine-year war ensued between the communist forces under Ho Chi Minh and France. Eighty percent of the French military engagement was financed by the United States in an effort, like always, to exploit the third world for its resources and corporate profit. In the process, tens of thousands of Vietnamese civilians were slaughtered by the French in this U.S. financed assault on humanity.

The French were eventually defeated at Den Bien Puh, but at a very tragic and costly price to the Vietnamese and humanity in general. This was another example of how criminal and uncivilized western civilization has been and how depraved U.S. history is. This type of butchering of human beings has happened countless times by this country and the west, from Iran in 1953 to Iraq and Afghanistan now. The contorted dimension is that there are still many people who think this type of killing is necessary and is something that is mandated for the advancement of human society.

Clifford Jackson,