Letter: Turn your concern to action



To the Editor,

As parents who care passionately about our children and their education, we can get protective and incensed when our child is not offered the opportunities we feel he or she deserves. In recent years we have fought (and often lost) to keep elementary school librarians, school staff, middle schools sports and theatre productions. Students, teachers and parents have turned out at school board meetings to plea for cherished programs and people. Those conversations have been painful and our administrators and school board have taken the brunt of our complaints.

It’s time to take our anger for past losses and redirect it. This is the year we rebuild our school system’s funding base and avoid more cuts.  We need to stand together—parents of preschoolers and parents of college-bound seniors—and say enough is enough. The administration has given us a choice—a budget that maintains our strong academic and extra-curricular programs or a budget that jeopardizes the very reason we moved to Rye in the first place.

Make no mistake, a ‘tax compliant’ budget does not even cover our pension and healthcare obligations required by state law. Such a budget would mean cutting into core program that makes Rye schools so strong—academic and extra-curricular programs including interscholastic sports, foreign languages, engineering, music and arts. We need to approve a budget that keeps our schools strong, not one that is merely “tax compliant.” I am voting yes on May 19 for all of these reasons.


Jamie Jensen,