Letter: Tom Murphy: Right for county legistator

To the Editor,
Tom Murphy has worked tirelessly for our community for many years and he continues to be very active and committed to addressing issues faced by all of us. Tom is engaged, thoughtful, open-minded and dedicated. He has the right experience to be an excellent county legislator and has the moral and ethical grounding to be the county legislator that I want to represent me. I therefore whole-heartedly endorse Tom for county legislator and strongly urge everyone in the community to vote for Tom in the Democratic primary on Sept. 10.

I first worked with Tom almost a decade ago when I was a member and President of the Mamaroneck school board. Tom was, at the time, a trustee in the Village of Mamaroneck. Tom was firmly committed to the community then and he has remained so over the years. Tom cares deeply about doing what is right for the community–a trait I believe is often missing in our elected officials. He has been consistent and steadfast in his views, beliefs and affiliations.

Tom has remained active and committed since he left the village board of trustees. I most recently have worked with Tom in connection with my role as president of Mamaroneck Coastal Environment Coalition. Tom’s perspective, judgment and experience have been invaluable to us. He is always willing to give his time to help steer us in the right direction. I believe that, as a county legislator, Tom will be able to steer all of us‑and maybe the county legislature itself‑in a positive direction. I therefore urge you to support Tom in the Democratic primary this coming September.

Celia A. Felsher,