Letter: Thank you, Rye voters

To the Editor,

We, the Rye United team, would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the voters of Rye for your support in Tuesday’s election. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve our community on the City Council.

We enjoyed meeting many of you during the campaign and hearing the issues most prominent in your minds. It is this knowledge that will guide us during the next four years.

We are also grateful to all the candidates who put themselves forward to serve their communities and, in doing so, heightened the level of debate. We applaud their courage and commitment.

We would like to thank our families and friends for tolerating our campaign-oriented absences. Without their support, our service would not be possible.

Again, we thank you for the opportunity to serve.


The Rye United Team,

Joe Sack

Kirstin Bucci

Julie Killian

Terry McCartney