Letter: SPI accusations off-base

To the Editor,
I am writing this letter to clarify several misleading and inaccurate statements that have been made by Deirdre Curran, Leon Sculti and Ray Tartaglione on various social media sites. They did not contact me to verify the accuracy of their postings.

My wife and I both grew up in Rye and have lived here as adults since 1985. Two of our three children have returned and currently live in Rye. We have volunteered for numerous organizations and at the end of this year I will have served for 20 years on the Board of Architectural Review and the Planning Commission. Any implications that we are not interested in making Rye a better place to live and work are unfounded.

I have known Kim Morque, the current President of Sustainable Playland Inc., for many years.  In January 2011 he asked me to become involved with SPI. Despite the label that was attached to my name in the promotional video, I served as an unpaid volunteer. A.P. Construction, the company I work for, provided a pro bono conceptual construction estimate for the original SPI submission that led to their selection.  A.P. Construction has never been paid by SPI and does not expect to be. I acted as a volunteer and have not been paid nor would I expect to be. Although I have attended a few meetings at the request of Mr. Morque since the selection, I did not participate in the preparation of the Playland Improvement Plan dated September 2013 and am not currently involved with SPI.

The county executive’s office has stated repeatedly that the site plan review process under SEQRA would be run by the county and they would declare themselves the lead agency. I would assume that the City of Rye, through the City Council, would be asked to comment as an interested party. I would also assume that the City Council would hold public hearings and would seek input from the relevant boards and commissions. As I have stated to anyone who asked, when the SPI plan is on the Planning Commission agenda, I will recuse myself.

I will patiently wait for Mr. Tartaglione, Mr. Sculti and Ms. Curran to apologize for their actions but do not really expect that to happen. The world of social media seems to lend itself to quick unfounded accusations without any accountability and with very little in the way of corrections or apologies.

Nicholas Everett,