Letter: School superintendent: Letter crossed the line

To the Editor,

In its April 24, 2014, edition, the Rye City Review printed a letter that went over the line.

This letter, written by someone who is not a resident of Rye, made ad hominem attacks on children who bravely came forward with respect to allegations of potential misconduct. While it is bad enough that adults resort to writing letters that disparage young children, it is absolutely unacceptable for the Rye City Review to print a letter that attacks a child.

I welcome robust, even if sometimes unpleasant, discussion and debate on school issues. I accept that members of our community may agree or disagree with the school district and may voice that opinion orally or in letters. I expect our local newspapers to fairly report news, which includes publishing articles and letters that encourage and foster debate on the substance of issues. However, it is never acceptable to report unfounded attacks on our students.

The children in our community, as well as parents and staff, need to feel safe in their ability to come forward when they believe that something wrong has happened without being attacked in the press for doing so.

I am calling upon the Rye City Review to publish a prominent apology to the community and to the families of these children, to withdraw both the article and that issue from its website, and lastly, to promise to take steps in the future to protect the children of our community from disparaging attacks.


Frank R. Alvarez,

Rye City School District superintendent