Letter: Saving Playland

To the Editor,

All this talk about Playland is getting weirder every day.

Playland is eligible for national historic landmark recognition within the next 10 years as it approaches its 100th anniversary. It is probably the oldest, or one of the oldest, amusement parks in the United States.

How will Playland Amusement Park be filled if there is no parking and how will the pool and beach be utilized if there is no bathhouse to change and shower?

Why not restore Playland back to the way it was when it opened? Have the classic rides, the concessions, the same type of food and the Miss Playland contest.

Encourage picnicking, barbequing, fishing on the pier and have the ferry to bring people into the park.

Who wouldn’t want to see that again? Who wouldn’t want to bring their children or refresh the memories of their grandparents?

Playland could stay opened while work is going on.

Playland should be promoted as a day of fun and sun.

Why not respect and appreciate this county beauty?

Hopefully this helps us save Playland.

Kent Iarocci,