Letter: Sack: The best neighbor in Rye

To the Editor,
Here are some reasons why the families of Thorne Place support our neighbor, Rye City Councilman Joe Sack, as the only choice we have for mayor.

Joe has lived on our block with Kerri and their girls since the summer of 2006, having moved from another part of Rye, where they had encamped since 2001. Joe has endearing qualities that we should look for in a mayor to lead the City of Rye. He has experience on the City Council, now serving in his second term. He runs his own law practice, allowing him to weigh the legal implications of decisions taken on by the council. He uses his sharp legal mind to make sure the contracts that the city negotiates are independent and beneficial in the long run. He has seen Rye struggle over the past few years with the tough choices that are not always the most politically palatable, but, in the end, we all know they need to be made. Joe has not been afraid to be the independent voice on the council, speaking out when others voted along party lines or went along with the consensus. He has, not surprisingly, been shown to take the correct view or vote in most situations. He’s an independent voice that is willing to listen to the arguments from all sides, weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for Rye. Rye needs Joe’s drive, doggedly independent viewpoint and way of getting to the right result for our city.

So what is he like as a neighbor? We have all seen Joe arrive home late after council meetings; on Rye TV we have seen him fight for doing the right thing into the early hours for some prolonged council meetings, only to be up the next morning helping the girls with soccer, basketball and Rye Little League—as a coach. On the block, he is a good sounding board. With all the family, council, Little League, law career and other things going on, he still has time to listen and give some good untarnished neighborly advice; advice that is not given out but given when asked—a wise old egg despite his relatively young age. He has a dry wit that makes chatting with him fun and almost enlightening. In varying storms, Joe has been relatively lucky on our street—the Sack house is one of the few that have avoided power outages. But, he and Kerri have opened their house to showers and a coffee to all those neighbors that needed it. And then there is the Joe Sack that few know about, the one that cares for his elderly neighbors, making sure they are okay in storms, but also when all seems to be going well he checks-in. Some folks need attention and not only in bad weather.

So where are we going with this? We are his neighbors. We have seen the polished product under the lights of City Hall, but we have also seen a good husband, father, neighbor and friend give his time to the City of Rye. Have we covered all that he does, certainly not; he is involved in a multitude of Rye groups that makes our city a great place to live. We all wish we could be such good managers of time and people. Joe Sack is a good manager and he will make an excellent mayor. We see someone who does the right thing despite the political flack; how refreshing in the current national, state and regional political mess all around us. Joe is an independent leader that wants the right things for the citizens of Rye both now and in the future.

We ask you, fellow citizens of Rye, to join us on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and give this tireless worker your vote for mayor. He has worked, and will continue to work, only for the benefit of all of the City of Rye.

Bill Cassidy and Frank Gadaleta,