Letter: Sack on the right side of change

To the Editor,
I write this letter to support Joe Sack for mayor. The City of Rye needs new leadership on the City Council. We need a capable, vital, bright individual who is and has been on the right side of the most important issue that Rye has confronted over the past few years: The erosion of confidence in the honesty and integrity of our city officials.

Joe Sack has been at the forefront in fighting for open, honest local government. In the past couple of years, Rye has suffered through shocking lapses in open and honest conduct by city officials. The independent report on the golf club scandal found that our city manager lied to the public about whether the staffing company hired by the city, which we now know was a big fraud, was properly vetted. Similarly, a city employee, Andrew Dapolite, bravely came forward to bring to light misconduct by city officials in requesting that subordinates lie to the public and doctor public records. Joe Sack fought for open government in these instances and real consequences for those public officials who lied to the public.

Unfortunately, Joe Sack’s opponent, Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich, was on the wrong side of these issues. Jovanovich was openly hostile to investigating both the golf club scandal and the Dapolite matter. He thought it was acceptable behavior to attack a young whistleblower rather than demand basic honesty from our city employees. In the end, Jovanovich put partisan politics—supporting his handpicked choice for city manager—ahead of demanding honesty and integrity from those who serve the citizens of Rye.

It is time for a change in Rye City leadership and I urge my fellow Rye citizens to support Joe Sack for mayor.

Richard Slack,