Letter: Sack a proven leader

To the Editor,
My name is Jim Richardson, Jr., and I have lived in Rye for almost my entire life. I think Rye, for numerous reasons, is the perfect place to live. Unfortunately, recent events involving the golf club, the City Council and the mayor’s office have, for the first time, forced me to question the ethical values of our city government. I am rarely politically active and usually not too concerned with local elections. That being said, it is quite obvious as a community we need to pay special attention to the upcoming elections. This is our opportunity to secure honest and accountable leadership.

Over the last three years, I have spent many hours with Joe Sack on the baseball diamond, at my home and at the Osborn School. It is clear to me that Joe is the solution to the problems that our city now faces. Rye needs a straightforward mayor with no hidden agendas.

Joe is a loyal father, a husband, a friend and a coach. All of these roles he has filled with great care, compassion, focus and integrity. I know that Joe will approach his job as mayor with the same level of excellence while exemplifying these same qualities. As a proud resident of Rye, I am disheartened by the recent transgressions by the current mayor and City Council members. We as a tight knit, proud community cannot allow history to repeat itself. I may not know the nuances of politics, but I know Joe Sack and admire his values as a father, a husband and as a man.

Please consider voting for Joe Sack. He is truly the right person for the job.

Jim Richardson, Jr.,