Letter: Response to the deceptions at the Local Summit

To the Editor,

A few clarifications about last week’s Summit. Four years ago, 2009 to 2010, there were only 59 Latino students at Mamaroneck High School, which graduated 71 percent of those students. There were 285 white students in this same class and MHS graduated 95 percent. The stated figures at the Summit four years later, graduation rates for Latinos 83 percent and for whites, 70 percent seem like quite a shift. As I often state, segregation goes two ways. Our white population is also being discriminated against by the absence of Latinos for engagement and a true definition of diversity, across the board.

Mamaroneck Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps stated the English-Spanish curriculum is working quite well. Why did it take our district so long to catch up with the literature, which has already validated strength in knowing the native language is the foundation for mastering a second language? I made this suggestion as a school board candidate over a decade ago. So not until a shift in the larger class do we begin to make immediate changes. The question now is: where are the 83 percent Latino students now? Are they on their way to graduate from college? Again, we must be alert to detect when “facts” are used for an oppressive strategy.

No wonder Summit meetings require the audience to only ask questions of the panelists as opposed to correcting their propaganda. Our democracy has always needed an enemy. In my younger years it was communists and Jews. The enemy now has become immigration. The 20th century in its entirety is being replayed; this time with communities of “others” in line with the white community validating how effective colonization was in condemning our humanity.

As the Local Summit talks about housing affordability and academic excellence and simultaneously launches its website, it becomes obligatory to continue with politically-conscious resistance dialogue.

Now, in the political climate they describe, economic and intellectual factors need to be summoned for reinforcing the national weakened morale; giving exposure to why a battle is being fought.

Our social problems are inaccurately framed as being morally democratic in order to legitimize the violence wielded by those who have an overwhelming material and positional advantage. The United States has only one political party at this point. Intellectualism has been missing and obstructed throughout this century.

The sweeping deceptions and clever use of language demonstrated by those who landed on these shores and colonized a nation by implementing mandates to murder, removing native languages and traditions, and rewriting the massacres as moral and in the name of giving everyone an “equal opportunity” lie before us. Celebrating holidays to a history of stealing for the sake of wealth and propagandizing survival of the fittest are other symptoms of our moral demise echoed by dialogue such as the one presented at the Local Summit.

Furthermore, messengers chosen to present such a topic have presented it from a place where the community of “others” is at the mercy of the kindness of an elite community and are “lucky” to be allowed to live in this neighborhood. They too have bought into the dream of upward mobility by denouncing their roots. Though they share DNA with us “others,” they have gained solidarities with the colonizers and are granted many freedoms in which to use the government-protected corporate garments of the once sacred not-for-profits.

As this school district and the not-for-profits continue with its profitable eugenics view that Latinos, the most noted agency, have an “achievement gap” and are in need of special education services, it is important to continue to revalidate all historical theories from theologians and philosophers and eugenics industry from prior centuries.

We will note the myths and “differences,” be they athletic, intellectual, biological and genetic, have always been tactics to divide and conquer.

Luis Quiros,