Letter: PBA president not worthy of support

To the Editor,
If you, like me, are a Rye resident, you received a pamphlet in the mail last week from our Rye Police Department’s PBA.
The front of the pamphlet says, “Still protecting, still serving, still no contract.”

Now, I do not have fly-on-the-wall capabilities, but I can only imagine the disgust you first felt when receiving this in your mailboxes.

In this pamphlet, you see the PBA point out things like: No contract for five years, manpower down by six members, Rye’s unemployment rate, our status as a top 10 earning town, median household income, median home values, quotes from Mayor Doug French and Councilman Peter Jovanovich as well as other various details.

Yes, the city has its role in this. Yes, the PBA deserves a contract. But, there are many players in this failure to award a win-win contract.

What you don’t see in this pamphlet is how low the level of performance has dropped. Morale? Sure the morale has taken a hit, no more so than the people who are paying the real price, the residents and children of Rye. We take the biggest hit, our police department will line the streets for exorbitant overtime pay for fairs, parades, football games, triathlons, turkey runs and other events of similar nature—not to mention how they service Rye Country Day School twice a day for profit.

How about our schools? Where is their support for our children?
There is plenty of blame to go around for the poor service we receive from our police department. In defense of the cops, their boss, Commissioner William Connors, is a member of the city’s negotiating team against the Rye cops, creating a direct conflict and great animosity. How could it not?

Recently, there was an article written about PBA President Franco Compagnone receiving $75,000 in exchange for dropping charges. The Journal News called it a “shakedown.”

This is the same Compagnone I am trying to get Commissioner Connors and his lieutenant to discipline for his conduct against me along with the conduct of his fellow police officer, David Casale.

In June of this year, I held a nonprofit fundraiser car show at my garage. We raised $5,000. I put in a written request for police assistance. Compagnone refused to allow his union members to sign-up for this. Compagnone put his personal grievances toward me before his public and his job.

This is what he means by “still serving, still protecting.”
Officer Compagnone is responsible for the pamphlet in your mailbox. Since when is the median home values and incomes of residents relevant to a police contract?

Every cop in this town still gets paid, every cop is protected by the Taylor law, sooner or later there will be a contract. When that contract is awarded, the cops will all get their proper dues. If it were legal to pay our cops by performance, their PBA president would be leading them all to poverty.

Officer Compagnone, we do not want to see your pamphlets in our mailboxes, we want to see you “still protecting, still serving.” If you want our support, work for it.

Jim Amico,