Letter: Op-ed about town off-base

To the Editor,

I write in regard to the op-ed by Barry S. Gedan in the Feb. 28 issue. I enjoy the Mamaroneck Review but don’t always get to read it right away. I wish this letter was more timely.

Mr. Gedan’s assertions are outrageous, offensive, absurd, wrong, divisive and need to be refuted.

There is so much wrong with what he said that it is hard to find anything thoughtful to acknowledge, much less praise.

It is not worthy of being refuted point by point, so I am only going to offer a few thoughts.

All of us who are residents of the town [of Mamaroneck] are residents of the town and want the best for all parts of the town, Gedan seems to forget that.

Although I think we don’t want more government entities, Mr. Gedan could undertake the effort to establish a new village covering the unincorporated area in the town.

Better, Mr. Gedan could undertake to reduce the number of government entities—see the study at cgr.org/ryetown/—which did not go far enough, because it should have discussed the entire Town of Mamaroneck, including the Village of Larchmont and the unincorporated area, in the study.

As a side note, I would like to see regular coverage of the apparently now stalled effort to reorganize local government.


Ralph Tamlyn,