Letter: Neuringer: Rosenblum, Santoro desperate

To the Editor,
I would like to respond to the article about me that appeared in The Mamaroneck Review on Oct. 25 (Neuringer violated ethics code). I refuse to allow my reputation to be dragged through the mud.

My running mate Kerry Stein and I believe this cowardly action of sending an anonymous package to the media immediately before the election was a politically motivated, desperate act of our opponents to create a last-minute distraction in the campaign.

There was, in fact, no conflict of interest, no undue influence exerted and no impropriety or special advantage taken in this matter. The issue related to a technical violation of an ambiguously worded village code in connection with my representing architectural clients on two small matters before the Planning Board. The issue was not raised by the Planning Board or any other person involved in the matter, but by Trustee Louis Santoro, one of our political opponents in the current election.

It was found that there was an unintentional violation of this ambiguous code provision. There was no determination whatsoever of any wrongdoing or undue influence‑because there was none.

This is clearly a brazen political attempt, made at the 11th hour, to derail the discussion away from the substantive issues that truly differentiate Norman Rosenblum and Louis Santoro from Kerry Stein and me.

As is well known in the community, and by our opponents, I have been a dedicated, responsible and honorable volunteer to the village for 23 years. Kerry has also been a reliable and committed citizen volunteer.

Kerry and I both thank you for your continued trust and support.

Clark Neuringer,
Candidate for mayor,
Village of Mamaroneck