Letter: Murphy: Right for county legislator

To the Editor,
There’s a reason that so many people in the Village of Mamaroneck who know him best so strongly support Tom Murphy’s candidacy for Westchester County legislator. We can trust him to represent us thoughtfully, fairly and compassionately.

Time and again, he has demonstrated the courage to stand up for what is right, as he did when our village violated the civil rights of day laborers, or the federal rights of a religious institution. Time and again, he has worked for the essential principles of transparency in local government, as he did in initiating TV coverage of zoning and planning meetings. Time and again, he has worked to save taxpayers money by asking hard questions no one else thought of, as he did when he fought to lower the village’s legal bills. Time and again, he has listened and responded thoughtfully to people of all political perspectives and been rewarded with their votes.

Tom Murphy is an intelligent and dedicated public servant who is a fierce advocate for Democrats and Democratic principles at their best. We will support him time and again.

Elizabeth Baird Saenger and Elsa Puerto-Rubin
Chairwoman and former chairwoman, Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party