Letter: Murphy: A strong Democrat for the county

To the Editor,
I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for the candidacy of Tom Murphy in the Democratic primary race for county legislature. It’s our opportunity to vote for someone who has consistently used leadership and intelligence to solve difficult issues confronting our community.

When Mamaroneck faced a myriad of legal issues and crushing legal bills, Tom formed a committee of local attorneys, including myself, to advise the village on alternate strategies to settle cases reasonably and protect taxpayers from growing legal fees. He took this action as the lone Democrat on the Board of Trustees. He believes that elected officials have a responsibility to offer solutions to the problems of their community whether they are in the minority or majority.

Tom is an honest, intelligent, pragmatic problem solver whose skills are sorely needed in our county government. I urge my fellow Democrats to support him on Sept. 10. We need Democrats who aren’t afraid to lead.

Ira M. Millstein,