Letter: Marcotte: Just another Tea Partier

To the Editor,
Sheila Marcotte voted to rescind partnership benefits for same sex couples when she was on the Eastchester town board, and she has brought that same Tea Party mentality to the county cegislature. With Rob Astorino, she has put partisan politics above serving the people who elected her, voting to cut much-needed funding for daycare and choosing to sue the federal government over the HUD ruling rather than collaborating to find a workable solution. As a result, young children and low-income families are struggling and Westchester has lost millions of dollars in federal block grants.

That’s why I support Mary Jo Jacobs for county legislator. Mary Jo shares my values: She supports equality for all and she has a proven record of fighting for our most vulnerable citizens, working to improve programs for the learning disabled. Mary Jo Jacobs knows that we can keep taxes low without penalizing those in need by streamlining government and making it more efficient. What’s more, she has the skills needed to make that happen, combining valuable experience from her professional background with her work as a community activist.

Mary Jo Jacobs is the best choice for District 10. She will work hard to make sure that the people of New Rochelle, Eastchester and Tuckahoe have a real voice in county government.

Barry Kramer,