Letter: Let’s keep Steigelman on the fire board


To the Editor,
Dec. 10 is an important day in our town. It is Eastchester Fire District Election Day. Those of us who live in the Eastchester section of town—not in the villages—need to keep a voice on the board.

Richard Steigelman is running for re-election. He is being challenged by a Bronxville candidate. While I am sure he is a nice guy, but he has no experience as a fire board member. Richard Steigelman does and he has done his best to fight for the taxpayers of Eastchester. Mr. Steigelman has voted against two fire district budgets because they did not address the problems in the department. I am glad Mr. Steigelman has raised the issues of back pay, health insurance premiums and firehouse renovation issues. He is our Eastchester representative and we need to keep him and our seat on the board.


Steve Bavolar,