Letter: Let’s keep Maisano in place

To the Editor,
On Nov. 5, we’ll go to the polls to elect our local leaders and I’ll be voting to re-elect Jim Maisano for Westchester County Legislator in the 11th district, which includes New Rochelle and Pelham. In his years as our elected legislator, and prior to that as a U.S. Marine and as an attorney, Jim has time and again shown himself to be a thoughtful and independent leader and true community servant. This was most evident last year, when the county government came to a standstill on its budget and Jim characteristically stepped up and negotiated a bipartisan agreement that both protected the taxpayer and ensured that vital community services were preserved. This was made possible because of Jim’s leadership, hard work, independent spirit and most importantly, dedication to his community first. Local community issues should not be partisan issues, and on important issues like controlling taxes, environmental protection and neighborhood preservation, Jim is a leader we can count on to put the issues and the people he represents over politics. We need to return Jim to the county Legislature, where he will keep doing what is best for our community and keep fighting to improve New Rochelle and Pelham. 

Please join me in voting for Jim Maisano this Election Day.

Joe Trotta,
New Rochelle