Letter: Legitimate violence, the killer among us

To the Editor,
I wrote this to the Journal News, May 10, 1999: “These are not inner city-city problems. These are young people issues. [Littleton High School Massacre] Colorado could have been Mamaroneck. It could have been Scarsdale.”

Very early in my book “An Other’s Mind” I state, “before I could expose and hold people accountable, I had to learn to recognize and understand ‘power language,’ whose clever application upon Others distorts the truth. Without that, my aim—to expose the nation’s passion for horrific social and historical myths, i.e., Western civilization [post colonization] is superior and Americans are European in origin—supported by billions of dollars of research on teaching methods only to arrive at suggestions that are malicious or so obvious, some even silly, attempts to compromise the fundamental right of Others’ scholarship and empowerment.

“The lesson that became evident, as Jack Barnes said: ‘The purpose of education in class society is not to educate. It is to give ‘the educated’ a stake in thinking they are going to be different than [O]ther people, who work all their lives.’”

Closing one school year and opening another speaks volumes as to why, without radicalism and queer thinking, meaning in essence, and not nearly enough, we are mandated to think and perform differently or habit will kill all of our young people.

Queer reflection has finally become a present day requirement for the agency of children I call, “Alive and Under 21”. For too many parents, the 21U Queer thinking strategies are much too late. To be more specific again, there are four power words that have yet to be viewed as even a possibility, “white on white crime.”

The study of “black on black” crime has demonized us long enough. Billions have been spent on silly correlations to our DNA and attraction to the killing of our own. These studies create white employment so that those in power can keep their legitimate violence on Others by controlling what we read, use and to learn theories that should be myths, but are embraced.

You may desire to allow our school boards in Mamaroneck, Rye Neck and across the nation continue to use the power words “achievement gap” that have endorsed the agency of predominantly Hispanic and black communities, but I won’t. That’s because my white-looking children are still alive. There is no such thing as achievement gaps. Black runners from Africa do not run faster because they are accustomed to being chased by a beast, another power word associated with Africa.

Performance habits create unnecessary and racist economic violence. We must remove our superintendents and start fresh. Let’s change “achievement” for social “opportunity” lapses. All white young people are in dire need of the opportunities we Others have that they didn’t. We need each other in the same room under different terms. Queer thinking must start now.

“White on white crime” is speaking to you as it did at Columbine. I’m not interested more from the European scholarship, I am interested in what is wrong with it. Be like me and, as I say in my book, “no longer was I going to allow people to tell Others different from them to participate in a process that would reshape them to be as ‘civilized’ and ‘moral’ as they are.

Luis Quiros,