Letter: Joan Walsh just doesn’t get it

To the Editor,
I read with utter amazement the comments of Joan Walsh and her runningmates made to The Harrison Review on Election Night when interviewed as the landslide results were being reported. Mrs. Walsh incredulously blamed the amount of election signs for her loss and continued her unwarranted and baseless assault on the Belmont administration, by stating, “taxes will keep going up, money will keep being spent and people will keep moving out of town.”  Equally astonishing was the assertion of council candidate Margaret Pritchard who claimed: “People really don’t know what’s happening, and maybe, judging from the vote, most people don’t care what happens on a local level.” Walsh and Pritchard could not just accept their defeat graciously, nor did they comprehend the message being sent by the overwhelming majority of voters.

Everyone knows that political signs don’t win elections—people win elections. Moreover, our residents do care about what is happening on the local level. They just don’t care for how Walsh previously mismanaged our town and they did not like her false and misleading campaign messages either. The voters sent a loud message two years ago when Mayor Belmont first beat Walsh winning by 1,500 votes, a 30 percent margin, and they sent a more resounding message this election cycle by electing Ron and his team by an astounding 50 percent margin. Ron won by over 2,700 votes, a margin of victory never before seen in Harrison. The voters have overwhelmingly rejected Walsh’s rhetoric—twice now.

It is time to move forward and continue to restore the image of this great community.

Frank P. Allegretti,