Letter: In support of Karen Belanger

To the Editor,

I am writing in support of the re-election of Karen Belanger to the Rye City Board of Education.

Her experience as a current board member, Midland PTO president, Midland executive board member and her involvement in several Rye City School District committees speaks for itself. Belanger has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the BOE, as well as to the entire Rye community.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Belanger for a number of years and have come to look to her as both a friend and advisor.

I worked on Belanger’s executive board when she was the PTO president and eventually took over her role as president when her term ended. She left big shoes to fill, however; she was never out of reach.

I sought her counsel on a number of occasions and she was happily and readily available. I looked to her because of her experience, certainly, but more importantly because of her sound judgment and the methodical way she approached and tackled issues. She always considered the situation carefully and from several different angles before offering her advice.

She is unique in her ability to view issues as both a parent and a board member.

In Belanger’s first term on the Rye City Board of Education, she was faced with an enormous construction project, which was the result of the board’s recognition of the need for more space at the middle and high schools, the passing of one bond vote, five open union contracts, the search and introduction of a new superintendent, large budget cuts, new New York State testing requirements, a major hurricane, a complete re-examination of our schools’ security measures, as well as other issues potentially affecting the integrity of our district.

She undertook each challenge with her usual calm and thoughtful approach. Belanger is not afraid to ask tough questions in order to produce the best outcome.

I strongly believe our children’s education and interests are better protected with Karen Belanger on the BOE.

She has my vote and I hope the community will join me in re-electing her on May 20.


Karen Meyers,