Letter: Ignorance is bliss on the Harrison Town Council



To the Editor,

The old adage “ignorance is bliss” could not be more obvious than when looking at the current Town/Village of Harrison’s elected officials.

Once again, during a seven-year stretch, they have modified the plans for the public fiasco known as Project Home Run along the Beaver Swamp Brook.

Ten million dollars into this unfinished project, with untold dollars spent on consultants and attorneys fees, this entire town board continues to ignore the reality that when you take a low-lying flood storage wetland and fill it in with 66,000 cubic yards of fill, you will force the water to other areas and create mass flooding during heavy rains.

But this board refuses to even acknowledge such realities and refuses to discuss common sense resolutions with the City of Rye and residents from Harrison, Rye and Mamaroneck. Under the guise of bait-and-switch tactics in constantly modifying the plans for Project Home Run, this entire board’s credibility has gone from a low rating to zero. Now they think the little pond in the middle, which was supposed to be temporary, is going to satisfy the wetland and flood storage requirement. Their revised negative declaration again claims that there will be no adverse effect and that flooding is not an issue.

It was the late Martin Luther King who said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” If he were alive today, he would surely apply that quote to the present Harrison town board.


Michael G. LaDore,