Letter: If it’s an apology you seek, look in the mirror

To the Editor,

Last week, the chairman of the Rye City Planning Commission, Nick Everett, wrote a letter to The Rye City Review accusing me of reporting “misleading and inaccurate” information about him and his relationship with Sustainable Playland on my blog, Lausdeo10580.com.

Mr. Everett went so far as to ask for an apology, yet he failed to identify a single fact that I reported as false.

Instead, Mr. Everett purposefully conflated my good reporting with public commentary and the personal opinions of others that were subsequently posted to social media sites like Facebook and Rye Patch.

As a matter of fact, instead of debunking my post—which contained more than 15 source documents—in his letter, Mr. Everett actually verifies the information I presented.

More specifically:

1. I reported Mr. Everett’s company, A.P. Construction, where he serves as an executive VP, was prominently identified as a member of SPI’s Respondent Team in SPI’s original 2011 submission to the county. Mr. Everett verifies this in his letter.

2. I reported Mr. Everett’s name and bio appeared under key personnel’ in SPI’s original 2011 proposal as well. No argument from Mr. Everett.

3. I reported Mr. Everett’s company, A.P. Construction, contributed—in part—to developing numerous site plans in the original SPI proposal. Mr. Everett’s acknowledged AP provided services for SPI.

4. I reported Mr. Everett appeared in a promotional video for SPI, posted in September of 2013, in which he was identified as a “Sustainable Playland Consultant.” Verified by Nick.

Each of the salient points above was accompanied by links to source documents on LausDeo10580.com so, really, what could Mr. Everett say?

The record shows I never reported Mr. Everett was a paid SPI consultant. Nor did I ever imply he received compensation in any way, shape or form from SPI. If Mr. Everett wants to now publicly proclaim he was an unpaid SPI consultant, God bless, but he cannot point to one instance anywhere in which I say he was paid by SPI, period.

Furthermore, to provide some context, I researched Mr. Everett’s relationship with SPI solely based on remarks made by Peter Jovanovich in the closing days of his mayoral campaign. Mr. Jovanovich repeatedly told a group of concerned homeowners—that he gathered in Playland’s parking lot—that the Planning Commission, and Mr. Everett specifically, would protect them from SPI and the construction of a 95,000 square-foot indoor sports facility in their backyards.

That was simply not true. Mr. Everett was on SPI’s team.

It’s obvious that Mr. Everett placed himself in a position that conflicts with his duties and responsibilities as the Rye City Planning Commission chairman when it comes to Playland. Mr. Everett proves this point in his letter better than anyone could when he writes, “When the SPI plan is on the Planning Commission agenda, I will recuse myself.”

If it’s a correction Mr. Everett wants, he needs to articulate the discrepancy. If it’s an apology he seeks, all he has to do is look in the mirror.


Leon Sculti,