Letter: Get Jovanovich out of there

To the Editor,
Peter Jovanovich ran for City Council on the Change for Rye Republican slate in 2009. He was elected along with Doug French, Suzanna Keith and Rich Fillipi, none of whom are running for a second term. Jovanovich, inexplicably, is running for mayor. He’s done nothing to earn a second term, let alone a promotion to higher office.

Rejection by his own party, the GOP, has led to Jovanovich railing, predictably, against those same “party bosses,” as if he’s a reformer. He’s not.

What’s ridiculous about Jovanovich’s candidacy is this: Although his platform consists of all sorts of nice-sounding things he thinks should happen in Rye, he can’t seem to answer one simple question: With a 6-to-1 supermajority on the council, if these issues were so important, why hasn’t he gotten them done?

Think about it—Jovanovich has had four years to govern. He and his Change for Rye colleagues voted in lockstep. Why on Earth haven’t they been able to accomplish much of anything of substance?

Could it be that Peter Jovanovich will say anything to hold on to power?
Or is he simply ineffective in public office? Either way, why give him four more years?
As dysfunctional as our local government is now, if Peter Jovanovich is re-elected, it will only get worse. When he deigns to respond at all to people with whom he disagrees, he is, by far, the rudest and most condescending of the council members. Who can forget him telling one respected citizen to practice pronouncing Jovanovich correctly, or making a snide remark about people who just sleep in the community, and are therefore uninvolved, to another, a well liked volunteer firefighter.

The truth is Jovanovich presided over an administration widely regarded as indifferent to its oversight responsibilities, and not at all financially astute. Whether it was ignoring the golf club red flags raised by the auditors in the 2009 audit he was assigned to review, or voting twice for SPI and never expressing concern for the plan’s effect on local neighborhoods until now—a week before the election—Jovanovich has shown he’s not up to the job.

He’s not independent. He’s not an outsider. He’s been deputy mayor for the past four years. The failures of this administration are his.

Charmian Neary,