Letter: Former councilmen support Jovanovich

To the Editor,
When we ran for Rye City Council in 2003, property taxes were rising at a rate three times the rate of inflation, and city debt levels were skyrocketing. During our tenure on the City Council, we ensured the rate of annual increases in property taxes was no greater than the rate of inflation, debt levels did not increase and financial reserves were replenished. These achievements were met by working collaboratively with others, regardless of their political persuasion—a necessary component of successful governance.

We endorse Peter Jovanovich to serve as Rye’s mayor to make sure this record of financial stewardship continues.

While Joe Sack and Peter Jovanovich may appear to view many things similarly, we believe Peter is the better candidate because he has greater, broader experience and will be more likely to achieve consensus at the City Council level. Accordingly, we urge you to vote for Peter Jovanovich.

Matt Fahey, Duncan Hennes and Howard Seitz,
Former Rye City councilmen