Letter: Fahey at the bat

To the Editor,
In his recent Op-ed piece in The Rye Record, “Three Strikes & You’re Out!” Mayor Doug French’s campaign manager, Matt Fahey, unfortunately demonstrated his commitment to continuing our current mayor’s legacy of playing fast and loose with the facts.

In his open letter to the public, Mr. Fahey never disclosed he was, in fact, French’s campaign manager in 2009. Strike one.

Mr. Fahey told Rye residents he “has no horse” in this year’s mayor race, yet Board of Elections records show Mr. Fahey carried petitions for Councilman Peter Jovanovich, an independent candidate. Strike two.

As one of Mr. Fahey’s opponents in the District 2 Republican Primary on Sept 10, I want all Republicans to know that I do have a horse in the race. I support Councilman Joe Sack.

I have personally stood up to corruption at City Hall in the past and will continue to do so in the future to unite Rye, not divide her. Mr. Fahey has chosen, instead, to follow Doug French’s lead by blurring the lines between truth and fiction. Strike three.
Alas, the mighty Fahey has struck out.

Andrew Dapolite,