Letter: Fahey at the bat for himself

To The Editor:
I found it quite odd that Andrew Dapolite criticizes me as being the campaign manager for Mayor Douglas French in the 2009 campaign. Yes, I helped get Mr. French elected mayor, putting a Republican in the office for the first time in 12 years, thanks to a stunning majority of voters in that election. I did not “disclose” this fact because it is irrelevant‑Mr. Dapolite forgets that the Rye GOP endorsed Mr. French and his running mates at that time. Even his favorite, Joe Sack, actively promoted Doug, Suzanna Keith, Peter Jovanovich and Richard Filippi in the Fall of 2009. That’s a fact, not fiction.

Dapolite also criticizes me for recently carrying petitions for Peter Jovanovich, saying I “have a horse” in the mayoral race‑but he misses the point entirely. The mayoral race in November has nothing to do with the leadership of the Rye City Republican Committee. Peter announced his surprise candidacy a full month after we filed our petitions to ballot the committee. The fact that I carried petitions for Mr. Jovanovich reflects my desire for a choice of mayor, rather than having no choice at all. Eight hundred voters, it seems, share this sentiment.

Lastly, Dapolite promises to stand up to corruption at City Hall. Well, good for him, I say, but don’t belittle our efforts to stand up to incompetence within the RCRC.

All registered Republicans in districts 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 13 are encouraged to vote next Tuesday, Sept. 10, for the following candidates, at their normal polling location, to end the incompetence:
Election District 2 Matt Fahey
Election District 3 Patrick MacCarthy
Election District 4 Gregory P. Faughnan
Election District 8 Linda L. Ritacco
Election District 9 John L. Alfano, James K. Burke
Election District 13 Alexander D. Muench, Elaine M. DiCostanzo

Matt Fahey,