Letter: Everett has it all wrong

To the Editor,
I am writing this letter to clarify several misleading and inaccurate statements you have made in your letter dated Nov. 11 to the mayor and the Rye City Council.

It should be noted that Playland holds a special place in my memory bank, as I grew up in that park as a young adult. My family owned several concessions for many years and some of my most memorable experiences were from Playland Park during the summer months. Chances are, if you have any pictures of your children on the pony rides, I was the one who photographed and framed that picture, and, if you can remember the summer when a pony was born in the stables at Playland, I was the one that delivered that pony, alone on my lunch hour.

It should be noted for the record that I am a supporter of Sustainable Playland Inc., and have been since its inception. I have supported and attended their fundraisers and will continue to do so as soon as this issue of parking and building size is corrected and highlighted by SPI.

I would like to apologize if you misunderstood the intentions of my posts in the social media sites you identify. You should also take note, I never made any implications that you are not interested in making Rye a better place to live and work. The point that I was making really had nothing to do with you and everything to do with the comments Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich made a the group of interested residents when referring to the proposed 95,000 square foot building in the Playland parking lot.

Deputy Mayor Jovanovich stated on several occasions that you and the Rye Planning Commission were the only chance the city had in controlling the size and location of the structure in question. He stated that you would be the one to stop SPI. My comments and posting were only to point out how inaccurate and misleading his statements were. I pointed out to readers how the deputy mayor was deceiving the public in order to win votes. Did the deputy mayor contact you to verify the accuracy of his statements before reciting them to the public in order to win votes for the upcoming election?

On a similar note you state in your letter that you are “not currently involved in SPI” but yet in the same paragraph you make note of the title SPI has awarded you in their promotional video,”SPI consultant.” I commend and thank you for your volunteer efforts, but I am sure you can see the question and conflict in your statements.

Ray Tartaglione,