Letter: Echo Bay debacle should be new beginning



To the Editor,

The latest news is that New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson was the only City Council member to vote in favor of Forest City’s Echo Bay proposal. Residents want to know if he promised the developer too much.

After the meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 26, I sincerely hope this is a new beginning both for Mayor Bramson and the City of New Rochelle.

Perhaps Mayor Bramson should pay more attention to Main Street where storeowners are struggling to survive. Past development has not produced the amount of revenue the city had anticipated. He should also take a look at the Armory and convert it into a civic center which can become a more revenue-producing venue.

People are fed up with the high taxes which increase every year and they are looking for a change for the future.

If Mayor Bramson paid more attention to the people he probably would have had a chance to be elected county executive.

Perhaps he has forgotten that those who are humbled shall be exalted, but those who exalt themselves shall be humbled.

George Imburgia, 

New Rochelle