Letter: Dunn: Jovanovich a consensus builder

To the Editor,
I am voting for Peter Jovanovich, independent, for Rye City mayor. So are eight former City Council members, Carolyn Cunningham, a Democrat, Franklin Chu, a Republican, Bonnie Downing, a Republican, Matt Fahey, a Republican, Duncan Hennes, a Republican, Roz Larr, a Republican, Gerry Seitz, an independent, and Arthur Stampleman, a Democrat. Together our group represents over 40 years of bipartisan experience in governing Rye.

We urge our fellow citizens to vote with us because we believe Peter represents the best opportunity to end the dysfunction on the City Council. With civility, the council has the best chance to move forward a positive agenda for Rye.

Unfortunately this year’s Republican nominee for mayor, Joe Sack, does not instill confidence as a leader. In his six years on the Rye City Council, Joe has continually failed to build consensus with his fellow council members. He has shown no initiative to take on Rye’s real challenges and bring about common sense solutions. Worse, the intimidation too often present in City Council proceedings starts with Joe Sack and is further energized by his supporters in social media. This must end.

Peter Jovanovich has the temperament and experience to build consensus and find solutions to the challenges facing our great city. That is why we are voting for him on Nov. 5.

Ted Dunn,
Former Rye City mayor