Letter: Don’t use the electronic signs in Harrison

To the Editor,

I have been hearing a lot of conversations based on the use of electronic advertising signs that have been proposed for use in Harrison. This is not the only issue.

There is talk of using our police cars and ambulances for advertising as if they were delivery trucks. Are we really in that much of a financial bind that we need to prostitute the town’s integrity to gain less than $400,000?

Harrison is a quaint, quiet town. Why do we even consider this ridiculous proposal? It has been stated that one of these signs be put up on the municipal building, so the trains can see it when they stop in our town; something like those signs you see when the train goes through the Bronx and you see these types of signs on the back of strip clubs close to the tracks.

I am all for being creative, but do we need to taint the fabric of our community with these advertising schemes? Please consider this very carefully before we turn Halstead Avenue into the Las Vegas Strip. If we do really need this type of income, why don’t we put these signs on Westchester Avenue on the Platinum Mile, where there is a high volume of traffic? At least here, the advertisements will be seen by more people and, possibly, be more effective. Please reconsider this proposal very carefully and what impact those types of advertisements will have on the integrity of our town.

Pat Angarano,