Letter: Council needs to inform public on stolen golf funds



To the Editor,

As a Rye resident and a member of Rye Golf Club, I cannot understand the huge difference between the city’s insurance claim of $2.1 million “which would cover the money allegedly stolen by the disgraced former general manager of the city’s golf club” and the $343,120 “Yandresevich was able to steal from the golf club over six years” as reported in the Rye City Review article “City hires firm for $2.1M golf claim.”

It doesn’t make sense and the Rye City Council needs to inform the public exactly what was stolen.

Additionally, it would be interesting to know to what purpose the city may assign any recovered funds. That too has not been made public.

Membership fees were greatly increased over recent years. The members, as a class, are due refunds and capital projects at the golf course also might be funded.


Anthony Spencer,



Editor’s note: The $343,120 in funds that Yandrasevich was charged with stealing by
the Westchester County District Attorney’s office is significantly lower than what the city is seeking through its insurance claim because, the amount that can be charged by the district attorney’s office has to be traced and proven beyond a reasonable doubt.