Letter: Colavita’s a stand-up guy

To the Editor,
I just finished reading the frontpage article in your Aug. 9 edition titled Town Conservative Party Divided. After reading that article, I had to sit down immediately and write this note to your paper.

I wanted to address a few of the descriptions of Eastchester Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita I saw printed as quotes from the town Conservative Party chairman. These were:
“…has labled him as growing increasingly out of touch and non transparent.”

“If Colavita reaquaints himself with residents,” Fois said, “support for him within the Party would increase”.

I left the Republican Party after much personal disappointment with the manner in which Mr. Colavita’s predescessor had run town government. I became then a Democratic Party member and remain such today.

I did not know Tony Colavita before he became town supervisor. Around 2006, on the encouragement of a friend on the Traffic and Parking Committee, I began to volunteer on that committee. I still did not know Tony and I am sure he had no clue who I was or maybe what I even looked like in person.

In 2009, my 16-year-old son was stricken with a brain tumor. He was rushed to Westchester Medical Center and successfully operated on by skilled neurosurgeons. He was in hospital for two weeks. On the third night, I was sitting at home and my doorbell rang. Standing there was a man I recognized as our town supervisor. In his hands were two large trays of hot food he had made at home for my family, a family he really did not even know. The following week, a fruit basket was sent to my home with a card signed by Tony and his entire family offering best wishes and prayers for my son’s recovery.

This is a man someone feels the need to describe as “…needing to re-aquaint himself with the town’s people?” Described as “increasingly out of touch and non transparent?”

This is rather a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and has sacrificed himself in so many ways for this town. His tears were real tears while he stood on my doorstep and told me he had no words to express his empathy. He didn’t need to because his being there was enough. I am sure he has done this hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways to other town residents during his administration. But we will never know because of this man’s humility.

Last year, I volunteered to serve on the town Police Advisory Board. I will continue to volunteer in any way I can in this town as long as we are led by a man of integrity and sincerity like Tony Colavita.

Charles Vollmoeller,