Letter: Cavallo endorses Mehler candidacy

To the Editor,
I fully support and endorse the candidacy of Jason L. Mehler. He has made a huge decision to run solely as a candidate for the Rye City Council on the Independence Party line. Jason’s reputation, as well as his accomplishments and experience provide him with a broad range of skills. His ability to understand and analyze budgetary and fiscal matters, combined with the expertise and ingenuity required to achieve success as a licensed associate broker in today’ s real estate market, distinguish him from other candidates. He is also a committed family man who is deeply loyal to his wife Carin and children, Emily and Rachel. Jason is passionate about building a stronger Rye City community and will make a great addition to the Rye City Council. Jason is known to be an honest and caring member of the Rye City community who listens and comes up with creative solutions to the many issues facing the city. I believe he will best represent all of the people of Rye. Vote for Jason L. Mehler on Nov. 5.

Dr. Giulio A. Cavallo,
Chairman of the Westchester County Independence Party